Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Press photo shoot - we need YOU!

This Monday (27 May 2013) at 3pm there will be a photo shoot with the press: Hampshire Chronicle are coming to take a photo of the community opposing the building on the main park in Abbotts Barton.

If you can make it, please come along, we need as many people as possible! We'd like lots of banners and placards too, so please try and make one (or get your kids to!) and bring it along!

It is vital that we have a good turnout as today the WCC New Homes Committee approved the recommendation to appropriate the land on Dyson Drive, the land down the left hand side of Hillier Way (as you go down to the Rugby Club), and a large proportion of the main park.

The main park is under serious threat - one of the councillors (Cllr Rutter) even suggested at the meeting that the whole park should be appropriated! Cllr Hiscock spoke to explain residents concerns as did a number of residents - but their issues and questions were completely ignored.

Please tell everyone you know, let your neighbours know and put a note (handy leaflets to download and print / logo for your window to display) through their door if you need to! Forward this information to your friends - this will affect all of Winchester, not just the local area - and could set a terrible precedence.

Please also write about your concerns to any or all of these people:

Keith Wood (leader of the Winchester City Council)
Simon Eden (chief executive of Winchester City Council)
Steve Brine (local Conservative MP for the Winchester & Chandler's Ford constituency)
Fiona Mather (District Councillor at Winchester City Council)
Dominic Hiscock (St Bartholomew Ward Councillor)

And finally, if you can help us with our campaign to save the parks of Abbotts Barton in any way, please let us know! You can also connect with us through Twitter and sign up to receive news from this website via email (see sidebar).

If you haven't signed our petition yet, now is the time to do that! :)