Wednesday, 19 June 2013

A plea on behalf of Weeke residents

As you might have heard Winchester City Council (WCC) is not only trying to build on parkland in Abbotts Barton, there are also other green areas in Winchester earmarked for new housing (see our Media tab for related articles). One of them is at Westman Road, Weeke.

The area in question contains some garages and most importantly a play area that is also used by older children as it allows for ball games. WCC propose to set up a new play area in the middle of Fromond Road saying it is well overlooked. Residents are not too happy with this as the new play area would be surrounded by a busy road, fearing for the safety of their children but also of cars, should a ball make it over the fencing. WCC is saying as well that there were cases of anti-social behaviour reported at Westman Road, however there were only six reports over the the last three years and the issues were resolved well in the eyes of residents.

Looking at this (unofficial) Google map of play areas in Winchester it seems that the part of Weeke in question is really quite low on place space, so losing the play area at Westman Road would hurt the Weeke residents a lot:

View Winchester District Children's Play Areas & Skate Parks in a larger map

Again, ALL of Winchester is short on play areas already, so if you object to the appropriation of the green area at Westman Road in Weeke because of a lack of play provision in Winchester, please write to the Council. You can do this by email to Objections must reach them by 26 June 2013. Here is an example email that you can cut and paste, feel free to amend as you think fit:

Dear Sir/Madam, 

I am writing to object to appropriation of the land at Westman Road, Weeke reference EMS/HO91/5. 

The reasons for my objection is that the land has been used for over 40 years as a children’s play area and since the Winchester district has a shortfall of Play and Sports of 12.12 and 26.63 hectares respectively, the appropriation will only make this shortfall worse. This is also one of the few play spaces in Winchester aimed at an older age group. Contrary to reports in the press, the local police have stated that they have had very few calls relating to Anti-social behaviour in this area. 


[Your name and full address]

More information about the Westman Road campaign is available on Facebook:
Please don't build on our park, Westman Road, Weeke, Winchester