Friday, 21 June 2013

A poem about the park

A beautiful contribution from one of our neighbours:

I wake in the morning to a beautiful sound
For a chorus of birdsong is bringing me round
Too numerous to mention, they twitter with glee
This wonder of nature, so blissful and free

There are Foxes and Deer, and Ducks by the score
Who daringly venture right up to your door
Squirrels, Woodpeckers, even Jays can be seen
An Egret, a Heron and Swans on the stream

An abundance of Wildlife, such a tranquil scene
Majestic Chestnut trees, a beautiful Green
Children playing and having such fun
A big open space in which they can run

I may never be rich, but who can compare
All this beauty layed before me here
As each day unfolds and I look to above
I whisper a prayer for this place I so love

I hope many can share my feelings and enjoy these thoughts to keep it as a park. After all its the only Community facility we have.