Thursday, 6 June 2013

What's happening?

We are still waiting for the meeting minutes from the last Housing Delivery meeting in which it was recommended to go ahead with the appropriation process. At the meeting all of the questions relating to the development in Abbotts Barton asked by members of the public and the St. Bartholomew Ward Councillor Dominic Hiscock were heard but not answered. On the day there was also no information offered about the outstanding questions in regards to the "Cadet site" and the Garage sites.

As per the meeting, the order of sites to be built on is this for now:

1) Hillier Way site
2) Dyson Drive site and The Park (Charles Close side)
3) Garage sites

This order is simply based on how easy it is for the council to build on the sites.

Here is some additional information from today's Councillor's Surgery with Jim Maynard and Dominic Hiscock:

Winchester City Council is commissioning architects to make proper plans for the new houses they want to build in Abbotts Barton. (This is needed before the appropriation can take place and also for planning permission to be given.)

A report has been produced why the Cadet site is not going to be included in the list of sites for building. It can be found with other information on the council's web page for New Council Housing - Abbotts Barton, here is the direct link: Planning Report on the Scrubland at Hillier Way, May 2013.

There is no report about the usage of the garages yet.