Friday, 5 July 2013

WCC committee and meeting changes!

Winchester City Council changed some Committee names and responsibilities and therefore meetings. So again a summary of those meetings that might be interesting to us:

When I was double-checking for the 15 July meeting on the (old) Cabinet (Housing Delivery) Committee I found a link to a new page for a newly set up Cabinet (Housing) Committee, explaining this:
At Cabinet on 16 May 2013 it was agreed that the work of the Cabinet (Housing Delivery) Committee be combined with the work of the Housing Committee into one new Cabinet (Housing) Committee with revised terms of reference and membership as set out below.
The next meeting for this new committee will be on Wednesday 18 September, at 10am. The agenda will be made available on 10 September on the meeting page.

The meeting happening on Monday 15 July will now be a Cabinet meeting, starting at 9:30am, and the meeting agenda should become available later TODAY. Here is some info from the Cabinet page:
The Cabinet stands apart from the other committees, and is responsible for all operational decisions which would previously have been taken by service committees.

The Cabinet is also responsible for taking all decisions on the following;
(i) Leisure, Arts, Heritage and Community matters
(ii) Environmental Health matters
(iii) Transportation matters
(iv) Housing matters

(v) Forward Planning matters

For your information, in addition to the Cabinet meeting there will also be a full Council meeting on Wednesday 17 July at 7pm. The agenda will be available 9 July.