Sunday, 13 October 2013

Another green area to be built on - save our recreation ground!

As published by the Abbotts Barton Community Group:

Whether or not you are using the leisure centre and the recreation grounds at North Walls for sports, the plans of the Council to build a new centre on one of the North Walls recreation grounds should be looked at by all of us as they will affect most of us in many ways.

If you are not familiar yet with the Council's proposal please read the information provided via the Save The Rec website. There is also a link to the full Council proposal.

Most importantly: there is some chance that Councillor Keith Woods will bring his proposal to a vote at the council meeting on 6 November. If you want to write to councillors on this issue (the more the better), aim to do it before then.

On Friday (11 October) Radio Solent had a feature about the campaign in the Julian Clegg show, starting at 1:09. If you are interested, the show can be listened to for another five days.

The October edition of winchestertoday had a great editorial on the same subject:

By the way, the Save The Rec group are now also using Twitter and Facebook which for most of us are easier to follow than a website:

Twitter - Save The Rec
Facebook - Save The Rec

If you are concerned about the Council's plans please follow/like (or sign up with your email on their website) to show the group your support AND write to the Council!