Saturday, 10 December 2016

What has been going on in 2016?

Hello, it's been a while since this blog has been used and it's time for a check-in.

First of all, the proposed changes to how the land is used in Abbotts Barton (and in Winchester in general) are part of the Local Plan Part 2 as submitted to the government inspector earlier this year. The inspector created a report which now needs to be adopted and therefore is under consultation. You can leave comments at the online WCC consultation on the proposed modifications of Local Plan Part 2 - which closes "no later than noon on 12 December 2016"! Comments can also be sent by email to This has all been communicated via the Parish Connect Newsletters and there is also a Local Plan eNewsletter that you can subscribe to.

As was planned by the City Council, Houses are currently being built at Hillier Road which will provide 13 new dwellings. The photo shows the info displayed on site. More information can be found on the New Council Housing - Abbotts Barton and On Site Schemes pages and on the Application Summary page on the WCC website.

This loss of open land to the community has prompted WCC to look again at the scrubland behind the car park at the bottom of Hillier Road (also know as the Cadet Site), opposite the football club. It seemed originally that nobody was interested in doing anything with this land after the Council declined to use this area for new houses (see the Planning Report on the Scrubland at Hillier Way, May 2013 on the Council website). However, this year there were negotiations between the Council, the Scouts and the Abbotts Barton Commuity Group as to how it should be used going forward. The idea is that the Scouts get a portion of it that they can fence off (for safe-guarding reasons) and erect a building on for a local Scout group. The rest would then be opened up for the general public, with a part being looked after by Hampshire Wildlife Trust and the WCC Landscaping Team to become an area for walking and enjoying nature, and another to be an open grassy area (see also the Abbotts Barton Community Group August 2016 Update). There were some further public consultations promised but later cancelled.

As for the Dyson Drive green, the Village Green Application has not been decided on yet. It is still 'under investigation' according to this Hampshire County Council table from August 2016:

Most importantly, no new plans to build on the main Chaundler Road parkland (apart from at the bottom of Charles Close) have surfaced. The main park is actually well used these days, probably better than it ever was before the City Council shocked the community with its house building plans: just this week students were there for almost every day during the daytime to practice land surveying; on the weekends and lighter evenings there are often exercisers and football players; and in the summer monthly community picnics were taking place.

That's seems to be it for 2016. Have a good transition into 2017 whatever your plans are and thank you for your support!