Monday, 9 January 2017

A look at the scrubland at Hillier Way - consultation upcoming!

A happy new year to everybody!

Last week at the local councillor's surgery I heard that the city council was planning to hold another consultation event regarding the scrubland at Hillier Road. According to info I received from the Scouts since then, this event will be on Saturday 25 February. The council should soon send a leaflet to residents with the consultation details, just as it did with other events in the area.

Over the last weeks, the city council has been busy with clearing the area as it was completely overgrown with brambles and almost inaccessible.

This morning I went there and had a look, here are some photos (click on them to enlarge):

I came in via the car park at Hillier Road and looked towards the
air cadet's building. This area is the land which could house the Scouts.

I made my way onto one of the elevated areas
(which seem to form a border around the terrain nearer the 'hole in the wall')
to get a better look at the cleared area behind the car park.

Here again is the area between the car park and the air cadet hut.

I turned around and moved on beyond the elevated border
and found a spade and some pliers.

I made my way through the area behind the border and arrived
at the other end near the 'hole in the wall' in Abbotts Barton and
turned back to take this photo.

Somebody dug some steps into the border a while ago.
Here as seen from the entrance near the 'hole in the wall'.

The consultation presentation should bring some clarity about what the city council wants to do in terms of landscaping and also how much land exactly could be going to the Scouts and how much should be available to the public.